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What pitches to throw a hitter? - Reading A Hitter's Stance

Want to know what pitches to throw a hitter?

Pitchers can read hitter's swing to get an idea of what pitches to throw and where to throw them. There are a few theories to remember when reading a hitter's swing/stance.

1) Where a hitter stands in the batter's box

a) If a hitter is up in batter's box (meaning he is closest to the pitcher), this usually means that he has trouble hitting the breaking balls or really any off speed pitches like curve ball, change up, slider, or split finger.

b) On the other hand if a batter stands back in the batter's box (toward the catcher), this means he has trouble with fastballs. He stands in the back of the box so he can have time to catch up to the baseball and see it longer.

c) If a hitter stands on top of the plate (close to the plate), it means he has trouble with the outside pitch.

d) If a hitter stands away from the plate, it means he has trouble with the inside pitch. Now this doesn't automatically tell us where to throw the baseball. Here's why. If a hitter is up in the batter's box it means he has trouble with hitting the breaking balls. The problem is that he has adjusted to try to help himself hit those breaking balls. A good pitch to throw would actually be a fastball. You first have to make a batter honest and then dominate his weaknesses. If you threw a fastball to this guy first pitch, he would have to get away from protecting himself from the breaking balls or he is going to get beaten by fastball