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Distance From Home To Second - 2nd Base

Distance from home to 2nd base

I noticed on the internet there were a lot of people looking for the distance between home plate and second base. So I wanted to take a second and do the math on this equation to find how many feet there are between home plate and 2nd base on the big bases (90ft) and little league bases (60ft).

What I did to find the distance between home and second is to use the pathagorean theorem which is a^2 + b^2 = c^2. In this case "a" will be from home plate to first base and "b" will be from first base to second base. Therefore to solve for "c" (the third distance in our triangle) we simply take 90^2 + 90^2 = 16,200. Now that's not the final answer. We still have to take the square root of 16,200 to find the distance from home plate to 2nd base, which is 127.279 feet.

For 60 foot bases we use the same equation. 60^2 + 60^2 = 7,200. The square root of 7,200 is 84.85 feet from home plate to second base on a 60 foot base line field.

So if you catchers are only playing long toss out to 120 you are going to be short hoping the ball to the short stop or 2nd baseman when guys are stealing.