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What is a 5 tool player?

What is a 5 tool player?

The five tool player is a term describing a baseball player, usually a position player, that has five of the tools that scouts look for.  The 5 tools that scouts look for in a player are:

1)  Hitting for Power

2)  Hitting for Average

3)  Fielding Ability

4)  Throwing Ability

5)  Speed

Being great at all 5 tools will make you a five tool player.  If you are great in 4 out of the 5 tools and only good in the 5th, well then you are not a 5 tool player.  In order to be a 5 tool player, you have to be GREAT in all of the five tools.  That's why five tool players are so hard to find and why scouts love them.

Hitting for power and speed don't usually go hand in hand.  So you can see why it is so impressive when someone is a legitimate 5 tool player.