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What causes pitching Injuries?

What causes pitching Injuries?

Pitching is a very stressful activity. Repeatedly throwing a baseball as hard as you can sometimes over 100 times a day can, believe it or not, cause problems. That is why it is so important for a pitcher to practice prehab techniques to keep them free from injury.

Some specific reasons some pitchers may become injured are bad mechanics, throwing too much, and not taking care of your arm. Having a good set of mechanics is essential in injury prevention. Not everyone is going to be the same mechanic wise but it is a good idea to find a repeatable delivery that keeps you free from injury. That is what good mechanics are.

Sometimes if a pitcher is leaking or falling forward, there arm is left behind and it puts alot of stress on the shoulder, elbow, and back. This can cause such injuries as a torn labrum, torn rotator cuff, torn ligaments in the elbow, tear in back muscles, and all kinds of tendinitis.

Throwing too much may be another reason that pitchers become injured. I'm sure you heard many stories of coaches throwing guys arms out. It happens all the time. Either pitchers throw too many innings in a season or too many pitches in a game. Either way, the arm needs its rest and throwing too much can cause injury.

Not taking care of you arm is one of the worst things you could do. It leaves your muscles weak a susceptible to injury. By strengthening your shoulder, back, and elbow not only will you be able to perform better but you will also be at a lower risk for injury. Heating before games and icing after are also not bad ideas when it comes to taking care of the arm.