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Web Glove - Training Baseball Glove


The Web Glove is a small training baseball glove that helps you to develope superior hand-eye coordination for making the toughest plays in the field. It fits perfectly over your index finger and thumb and creates a small pocket between them. The Web Glove helps develope soft hands for framing pitches as a catcher, picking balls in the dirt, and even catching high fly balls. The Web Glove is a great training baseball glove that will make any level player better their game in the field.

- Designed to catch golf ball sized wiffle balls

- Fits over your index finger and thumb to create a small pocket that safely teaches players the proper way to catch a the web!

- Develop the hand-eye coordination, soft hands, and confidence you need to make those tough plays in the field!

- Use with the Personal Pitcher to work on catcher's framing, fly ball drills for outfielders, turning two for middle infielders, picking the ball in the infield, and a wide variety of conditioning drills.

- The best way to teach young players how to catch and eliminate any fear they may have of the ball!

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Price: $9.95