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Trick Pick Off Move for a Right Handed Pitcher

Trick Pick Off Move for a Right Handed Pitcher


Here is a great trick pick off move for a right handed pitcher.  This trick pick off move works best with a right handed submarine, side arm, or 3/4 arm slot pitcher.  The reason it works well with these types of pitchers is because the deception of looking like the pitcher is pitching to home, when in reality he is stepping at a 45 degree angle instead of straight.  This trick pick off move is to be done with a runner on 2nd and 3rd base.

The pitcher and catcher should call time and meet on the mound long enough for the umpire to come break them up.  At that time, the pitcher will notify the umpire that he will be performing a trick pick off move but he will not be baulking because he will step at 45 degrees.  This way the umpire is looking to make sure you are not baulking instead of assuming a baulk.

The pitcher should come set not paying attention to the runner on second.  He should lift his leg as normal but step at a 45 degree angle.  When the pitchers front foot lands, the second baseman should break to second.  The pitcher should spin hard and make a firm throw.  The second baseman should make the tag or get into a run down, paying attention to the runner on third base.

This is a great trick pick off move if performed correctly.  Check out my pitching program Pitching 365 for more great info along with a year long pitching, throwing, lifting program to follow.  This is the same program I used to throw 96 mph!

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