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How To Prevent and Treat Chaffing of The Legs

How To Prevent and Treat Chaffing of The Legs

This article is more about chaffing of the legs, rather than chaffing of the nipples. Baseball players don’t usually get too much chaffing of the nipples. That’s more of a runner’s problem. At the same time, I have been a victim of the nipple chaffing at one point or another in my baseball career, so it’s worth talking about.

The prevention and treatment is very similar in all chaffing cases, so whichever problem you are having, listen up! Some ways to prevent chaffing of the legs (click on each prevention method to be taken to read more about it):

Vaseline – Rubbing it on the area where you usually chafe and rash will provide a lubricant so that any rubbing together of the skin isn’t irritating and won’t cause pain or rash.

Aquaphor – A Vaseline like substance that not only protects against chaffing of the legs, but can also soothe irritated skin after it has been chaffed.

Bag Balm – Another Vaseline like product that is a little more vicious. It contains lanolin and is said to last longer than Vaseline on the skin. They actually use this stuff on cow udders!

Gold Bond Powder – A baby powder like product that has that is “medicated” as quoted on the label. Be careful, this stuff burns a little bit but some people love it. Just not for me.

Corn Starch – Prevents friction, doesn’t clump or retain moisture, inexpensive, and free of allergens and fragrances.

Monistat Anti Chaffing Cream – Yes, the yeast infection company. So what?...their product works well for chaffing of the legs. You may grow a vagina if you use too much of it though.

Body Glide – A liquefied powder that turns into a dry, silky shield against irritation and rubbing.

Sliders – Read my article on sliders as a method of prevention for chaffing of the legs.

Some ways to treat chaffing of the legs, once it has occurred:

Make sure the area of the legs where you are chaffing is cleaned thoroughly. Bacteria can sometimes cause the affected area to become more irritated and painful.

Keep your legs dry. After taking a shower you should dry your chaffing legs with a clean towel and then let them “air out” for a few minutes or more. Lay naked on your bed with your legs open and have the fan on if you can. You can try some of the prevention products as a treatment as well, but I found that just keeping the legs clean, dry, and aired out is usually the best method.

If it doesn’t work for you however, aquaphor, gold bond powder, and monistat anti chaffing cream are some of the products that claim to treat as well as prevent chaffing of the legs.

Do not scratch, itch, touch, or rub the legs where they are chaffing. The more time you can leave them alone, the faster they will get better. Chaffing of the legs can happen to anyone but is especially common in athletes such as baseball players. The main thing is to try to prevent chaffing of the legs as much as possible by using the techniques above.

If you should end up chaffing anyway, you need to treat it and get back on the field as soon as possible. Don’t fall victim to the “Chub Rub” anymore!