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How To Go Pro In Baseball

Given the name of my website, I feel responsible to have an article on how to go pro in baseball.

Going pro in baseball really doesn’t have simple steps that you can follow, there are many different ways to go pro in baseball. First we have to determine what it really means to “go pro in baseball”.

To some people, going pro means to make it to the big leagues. I would say that the majority of people who are asking the question how to go pro in baseball consider going pro being making it to the big leagues.

Technically speaking this is not true. To go pro in baseball, would be to play baseball and get paid for it. There are many pro baseball leagues that aren’t the big leagues. There are the minor leagues, independent leagues, and even some semi pro leagues. All of these would be considered as pro baseball.

So, if you were to go pro, all you would have to do in sign a contract with one of these leagues. But like I mentioned before, those of you who are asking “how to go pro in baseball” are probably talking about how to make it to the big leagues and really don’t know much about the process. So here is an attempt at a list of things you can do to go pro in baseball (or make it to the big leagues).

1) Play high school baseball and put up respectable stats. You will either get drafted by a minor league team after your senior season or not. If not,

2) Play college baseball and put up respectable stats. You will either get drafted by a minor league team after your Junior or Senior year or not. If not,

3) Try out for a pro team. Check here for some upcoming pro tryouts to see if there are any in your area

4) Play either in the independent leagues or minor leagues and put up some respectable stats. Either you will get called up to the big leagues or not.

As you see, all you really have to do is put up some good stats. The other stuff you really can’t control. The pros draft on size, projectability, and talent. Either you have those or you don’t. Focus on your attitude, work ethic, and performing the best you can. The rest will play out. If you were meant to go pro in baseball, you will go pro in baseball.

This will be the best website in your path of trying to go pro in baseball. Check the articles, tips, drills, and videos to learn more about the game and how everything works. I truly believe that if you want it bad enough, you can go pro in baseball one way or another. Good Luck!


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