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The Mentally Tough Pitcher

The Mentally Tough Pitcher

Pitchers must be mentally tough to survive in the game of baseball. A season will carry a roller coaster of emotions that a pitcher will have to juggle along with his personal life.

A pitcher must have a very short memory when it comes to bad outtings and even good outtings. You shouldn't let your lows be too low or your highs be too high. To stay even keeled like this a pitcher must be mentally tough. Not only because it is hard to pitch day in and day out but because it is hard to pitch from pitch to pitch.

If a pitcher is not mentally tough, one pitch can change the momentum of the game. A pitcher must not let this happen. Some of you are thinking to be mentally tough just means to be confident. Yes you are right, it encompasses confidence but it is so much more too.

To be mentally tough you must be confident, be able to perform under pressure, and be able to handle different personalities like coaches, managers, teachers, etc. That's just the baseball side too.

A pitcher then has to take it a step further and seperate his life from baseball and vice versa. Something that may be bothering him outside of the game can't effect him during the game. The same goes the other way. If you lose a game you cannot let it effect your life outside of baseball.

Once you hit the showers it is over with. Go back the next day and get the team that just beat you. That's what being mentally tough is.

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