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Team Defender Catcher's Thumb Guard Glove with Finger Pads


BRNAD NEW to the Baseball Market, the Team Defender Guard is a protective device built into a batting glove type protective shield that fits around the central surface of the thumb to prevent hyper-extension and other injuries that occur while catching the ball or applying a tag. Team Defender Guard is made of rigid polymer that is glued inside a glove. It offers support to the thumb and limits the hyper-extension of the joint when force is applied.

In the Course of a baseball game, force is repeatedly applied to the thumb portion of your glove as you catch the baseball. Team Defender patent pending technology protects you from hyper-extending your thumb during every important moment. In fact, your Team Defender guard could very well be the most important piece of equipment in your bag.

The Team Defender Value

The Team Defender guard is made of rigid, yet comfortable plastic that surrounds and supports your thumb.

The Team Defender guard is glued securely into the glove.

Team Defender guard does not restrict your movement or flexibility.

The Team Defender Catcher's Protective Glove protects the Catcher's Thumb when Catching or applying tags. This thumb shield is a must have for any serious catcher! Made to be worn on the left hand only (right handed thrower).

Get Your Team Defender Catcher's Thumb Guard Glove with Finger Pads ON SALE NOW FOR A SHORT TIME!

Price: $34.95