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Shoulder Surgery - Rotator Cuff - Labrum

Shoulder Surgery - Rotator Cuff - Labrum

Shoulder surgery is common among baseball players. It is even more common among pitchers. The most common symptoms for the shoulder that a pitcher has when throwing is pain and a decrease in velocity.

Sometimes a pitcher feels that his shoulder is loose or coming out of the socket, but most of the time it is just pain. This pain can be caused by inflamed rotator cuff tendons, a torn labrum, or anything else inflamed in the shoulder joint.

This pain and inflammation can be caused by too much stress or tears. Hopefully it is because of too much stress. This is less serious than the labrum tears and a labrum tear is less serious than a rotator cuff tear. All to be taken seriously in their own matter.

Inflammation and pain can cause stress by trying to get in shape too fast or just throwing too much. This can be fixed by cutting back on throwing, icing your arm, and anti-inflammatory pills. Rehab exercises are also good.

Patience is the key when coming off an overuse injury. Coming back too soon may put you back on recovery time. Be patient and make sure you are 100% before you get back out there to throw. This may be the hardest thing about a shoulder injury being that we are all competitors and want to get back out there as soon as possible.

When the shoulder joint feels loose that means the ligaments have become stretched. The arm being able to slide around the joint like that will put more stress on the tendons. This is where the pain comes from in this case. This is also known as shoulder instability.

The last reason for shoulder pain can be due to labrum tears. The labrum's job is to stabilize the shoulder. It is a cartilage that goes around the socket. If there are tears in the labrum the sh