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The Power of Pronation when Pitching

The Power or Pronation when Pitching. What does that mean? Well, first we have to talk about what pronation means.

Pronation, when I use it to talk about pitching, is a direction in which the wrist is turned as the arm comes through release point. There are 3 ways the wrist and forearm can be. Pronation, supination, or straight behind the ball.

Pronation would be the turning in of the wrist and forearm. Ok, so why is that good?

First and foremost, it takes a lot of pressure off of the pitcher's elbow. Guys who naturally get around the baseball when pitching are the guys who's usually have elbow problems. Guys who pronate after they throw take a lot of pressure off of their elbow.

Another reason it is good to pronate is because you will get some good movement on your pitches. Arm side movement with some depth on the pitch is a great way to get hitters to swing and miss or hit ground balls. By having that movement from the pronation, it will also make your breaking pitches that move the other way that much more effective.

This is the power of pronation when pitching! Watch the video for a better explanation on how pronation is good for pitching.

So what do you think about the power of pronation when pitching? Do you think this would be beneficial for you to work on when pitching? How are your pitches moving? Arm side? Glove side?

Let me know by replying to one of my emails. How do you do that? Just subscribe to my emails and then hit reply with your questions or comments. I will be happy to answer anything about pronation, pitching, or baseball in general. I hope to talk to you soon!