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Which side of the rubber should you pitch from?

There is much debate on which side of the rubber pitchers should pitch from. In fact, I had this debate with myself many times. Over the years I have switched from pitching from the arm side side of the rubber to the glove side side of the rubber numerous times.

So which side of the rubber is best to pitch from?

Although I ended my career on the arm side side of the rubber, I'm going to argue that the glove side side of the rubber is the best side to pitch from. The main argument or point that I want to make is that it is much easier to hit the glove side part of home plate when you pitch from that side. Also, if you are an arm side movement pitcher, your ball has more room to work towards the arm side part of home plate.

It's very hard to describe in words which side of the rubber is best to pitch off of, so I made this short video with some drawings on what I mean about arm side and glove side. Hopefully this video will help make more sense of what I mean.

So, what do you think? Which side of the rubber do you pitch from? Are you going to switch sides? Do you think it's better to pitch from the arm side or glove side of the pitching rubber?

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