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Baseball Pitching - Transitioning from the short mound to the big mound

At the age of 13, baseball players and pitchers across the country will be making the transition from the little baseball field (46 ft mound 60 ft bases) to the big baseball field, also known as the "big bases" (60 ft 6 inch mound 90 ft bases).

In some states, 13 year olds play at a 55 ft mound, but in other states they go straight from 46 ft to 60 ft 6 inches mounds (or from 50 ft if they're playing travel ball at 12 years old).

The transitioning for a pitcher from the short mound to the big mound can be difficult. In this video I explain a little bit about my experience with the transition from the little mound to the big mound as a pitcher and also what I suggest to other baseball pitchers in this age group.

Unfortunately, my experience may not be relatable to many, but I hope it helps any pitchers who have questions about the transition.

Watch my video called Transitioning from a 50 ft mound to a 60 ft mound and let me know what you think.