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Are You Tipping Your Pitches?

Are You Tipping Your Pitches?

How Not To Let A Hitter Know What Pitch Is Coming

Just as pitchers look for things in hitters, hitters look for things in pitchers. Hitters will try to find out what pitch you are throwing, where you are throwing it, any routines you have that they can read. They are just as bad as us when it comes to trying to get the advantage. So that's another part of our job, not letting them have that advantage.

A pitcher has to be aware when a hitter knows something. Sometimes when hitters no what pitch is coming they will use verbal signs from the bench. If a fastball is coming they will say the hitter's first name and if it's a breaking ball they will say his last name. Pitchers have to be aware of this so you can switch the signs if you need to.

Also if there is a runner on second, he may be telling the hitter what pitch is coming or to what location. They either do this by touching some part of their body or hanging their arms in a certain way. A pitcher should be aware of this and check if it is happening when he looks back to second after recieving the sign.

Another way for hitters to steal pitches is just by give aways that we do with our glove or body. When grabbing for a pitch you should grab the same way for every pitch. If one of your pitches you have to wiggle for to get the grip then you should wiggle for all of them to get the grip. You don't want to give anything away for free. You should not have any certain movement for any one pitch. It should all look the same unless you are able to mix it up every pitch.

Pitchers need to keep the advantage and break down hitters weaknesses, not the other way around.

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