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Baseball Pitching Stride Length and Velocity

I get a lot of questions on my website about pitching and one of the topics that comes up a lot is stride length. While I am a big believer in back leg extension, I am more of a believer in the timing of a pitcher's delivery and how efficiently he can create force and generate it through his release point. With that being said, there is a grey area on how far should a pitcher stride or what is the optimal baseball pitching stride length.

I want to show you 3 videos here on this page that are all related because I think by themselves, they can be misunderstood. Two of the videos on pitching stride length are very similar but one is answering a question I received on the site, while the other gives you a little better visual.

The first video is answering a question about pitching stride length

The next video about baseball pitching stride length we get some insight from Major League All-Star Pitcher Stevie Delabar. Stevie has a decent stride length while I'm on the shorter side of the spectrum, but we have the same philosophy when it comes to pitching stride length and how it relates to velocity.

You'll see how I show my pitcher's where their stride length is and what stride length is best for them.

The last video I want to show you because it ties into what we are talking about and that is back leg extension. Really, what we are talking about when we say back leg extension is how much force can you generate. You can have two different pitchers with good back leg extension, but one continues down the mound further with his front leg and the other gets down earlier and they can pitch at the same speeds. It all goes back to timing within the delivery and how efficiently the pitcher can transfer force through the baseball.

Again, back leg extension is only important if done correctly. A pitcher can get back leg extension by jumping out, but that won't let him transfer his force fully and efficiently. So, in that case, it doesn't help. But if a pitcher does it correctly, and then finds his best stride length, while focusing on the timing of his delivery, that's when you'll start to see pitchers increase their velocity on the mound.

I hope this article and videos help you understand more about baseball pitching stride length and velocity. If you want to keep in touch with me you can subscribe to my emails by clicking here. T