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Setting Sights for your Off Speed Pitches

Setting Sights for your Off Speed Pitches

When a pitcher becomes inconsistent with their off speed pitches, I often have them work on setting their sights.  Setting sights for off speed pitches is a great way to develop control and consistency of breaking balls and change ups.  Whether you are throwing a curve ball, slider, or change up, you can determine how much each pitch will break and which way, and then set your sights accordingly to where you want the pitch to end up.  For instance, if you are a right handed pitcher trying to throw a low and away curve ball to a right handed batter, you may aim at the batter's hands, instead of the catchers glove.  This way the pitch will break to the glove, instead of being thrown to the glove and breaking out of the zone.  Try setting your sights and see if it helps with your off speed pitch control.

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