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A Pitcher's Workout

A Pitcher's Workout

Pitchers have to be very specific about the way they train because flexibility is an important factor when it comes to pitching. Therefore a pitcher cannot work out like a postion player.

A pitcher must stay loose especially in their upper body. On the other hand pitchers need very strong legs so they don't fatigue as the game goes on.

Here are some exercises that a pitcher can do to increase strength while maintaining flexibility. Just remember a pitcher should always stretch before and after a work out.

Squat - The proper squat should be done by getting parallel to the ground, keeping your chest up, and not bouncing at the bottom.

Lunges - Making sure you stride out far enough to where your knee doesn't go over your toes when you lunge is the correct way to perform this exercise.

Dead Lifts - The proper dead lift should be done by keeping the knees bent a tiny bit, making sure the back is flat, and standing all the way up with the shoulder blades pinched.

Dumbell Bench - Making sure you don't come down too far with the weight is important. Slowly push weight up and squeeze at the top. Light weight should be used for all upper body exercises for pitchers.

Dumbell Incline - Same idea as the regular dumbell press. Make sure you keep your head back on the incline bench instead of straining to keep it up. Lat

Pull Down - The proper lat pull down should be done by squeezing the shoulder blades together first and then completing the exercise.

Low Row - The same idea about squeezing the shoulder blades together goes for this exercise too. Be sure to squeeze when you have the weight pulled to your chest.

Shoulder Routine - There are 7 different exercises in the shoulder routine. Each one should be done slowly with very light weight. This will help with injury prevention and fatigue.

Forearms - For forearms squeezing a rubber ring is a good workout especially for pitchers. We don't want to do too much that will get us too tight in either our elbow or shoulders.

For more exercises along with a breakdown of how to do the exercises correctly, a day by day work out schedule with number of reps and sets, and a stretching and throwing routine to go along with the work outs please check out my pitcher's manuel called Pitching 365.

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