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Pitching - Timing in the Pitching Delivery

There are 4 main things that it seems all pitchers want to achieve. Probably number one on the list is how to throw harder. The next is probably how to get more movement or throw different pitches. Then you've got the guys who are focused on accuracy. Lastly, you've got a few concerned with injury prevention.

And the first place everyone looks for these things is mechanics!

Don't get me wrong, working on pitching mechanics is great, but I think there is something more important that needs to be focused on. But before I elaborate on that, let's talk more about pitching mechanics.

Listen, if you get with the right coach, and practice a few times, you should have a good understanding of the pitching mechanics. It seems that some guys figure out the pitching mechanics, but then stay obsessed with making tiny changes within them.

Listen! You've got to let your pitching mechanics develop. If you've got a good understanding of them, then instead of focusing on tiny adjustments, let's shift our focus to something else.


Watch this video I made talking about how important timing is within the pitching delivery.

So, as you can see, timing is very important in the pitching delivery. Once we've got our pitching mechanics down, then we need to shift some of our focus on the timing on our pitching delivery or how we get to these mechanic "spots".

How can you work on the timing of your pitching delivery?

Great question, thanks for asking! Video record yourself. A lot of these video players on the computers now-a-days have some sort of slow motion play back and some of them have a timer with the tenths or hundredths of a second.

Play your video back in slow motion and time at what point in your pitching delivery you get to those certain mechanical spots and how long it takes you to move between them. Also, mark each video by either how good the pitch felt or the velocity you threw the ball so that you can contrast good timing vs bad timing in the pitching delivery.

Let me know how your timing within your pitching delivery is coming along. Just remember one thing, working on pitching mechanics is great, but spend some time working on timing within your delivery too. Thanks for reading/watching!