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Pitching Stride Length - Further equals Faster?

Every pitcher wants to know how to throw harder. Unfortunately, there is not such an exact answer to this question because there are so many things that determine how fast a pitcher can throw. You've got pitching mechanics, arm strength, arm speed, timing of delivery, flexibility, consistency, and so many more things that go into throwing a baseball at a high speed.

But what I want to look at today is stride length.

Some pitchers/pitching coaches believe that with stride length, the further, the better (and better means faster). I disagree with this.

I believe that a pitcher needs to find his comfortable stride length where he can still get over his front leg without collapsing. I believe that all pitchers will have different stride lengths and I believe that further does not necessarily mean fast when speaking of stride length.

Watch this video I made about stride length in relation to velocity and what I do with some of my pitchers:

As you saw in the video, Major League average stride length is 87% of the pitchers body. I don't restrict my pitchers to a certain stride length, but they do all fall in between the 80-100% stride length to height.

I suggest to find your best stride length that you video record yourself with something to measure your stride length. This way you can see how your pitching mechanics look and feel at different stride lengths and also what yields you the highest velocities. Thanks for reading/watching!

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