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Pitching Mechanics - Back Leg Extension

Here's a little pitching mechanics nugget of knowledge about back leg extension.

One of the most common reasons for pitchers not reaching the velocity they believe they should be throwing is because they never get maximum back leg extension within their baseball pitching mechanics.

In the pitching mechanics there is a lot going on. Not only does the pitcher have to get to certain pitching mechanics "positions" or key spots within the mechanics, but the pitcher also has to have great timing too.

A lot of pitchers can't get maximum back leg extension because first, they don't know that they are supposed to, and second, if they know, they physically can't make it happen. Usually it is a strength, flexibility, or a timing issue.

Watch my video called Baseball Pitching Mechanics - Back Leg Extension to see what I'm talking about. After watching this video you will know what back leg extension is in pitching, so then all you will have to do is implement it into your baseball pitching mechanics. Check out the video.