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Pitching Mechanics - Arm Path at Hand Separation

Recently, I've had a lot of players come to me doing something crazy with their arm path when they were separating their hands within their pitching mechanics. I thought it was just something they were doing naturally, but come to find out, they were learning this technique from another local baseball trainer.

So, I showed them another way for their arm path and hand separation in the pitching mechanics. Watch this video where I talk about what I've seen many player come in doing and how I suggest the arms should move when the hands separate in the pitching mechanics.

So, as you can see, from my example, and the other Big League player's examples (at the end of the video), that the best way to move the arms at hand separation is on an angle to keep your body closed. Also, down and then up with the glove closed and down to create more leverage when pulling through with the front side. It's hard to explain with words (for me), so I hope the video made the point I was getting at.

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