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Injury Prevention For Pitchers

Injury Prevention For Pitchers

There are many ways that young pitchers can injure themselves but the most common of the pitching injuries come from pitchers who have thrown too much. This overuse of the arm causes stress on the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and growth plates in the young pitcher's arm.

Tendons and ligaments seem like what we always hear the Big League guys on TV hurting, but sometimes in younger pitchers (little league and high school alike) it is their growth plates. These growth plates can easily be stressed because they are made of a soft cartilage that isn't as strong under pressure as some of the other more durable tendons and ligaments in the arm.

When a young pitcher overuses, or throws too many pitches, he puts stress on the arm and on the plates. This can cause pain in the pitchers arm along with some swelling.

Sometimes doctors call this little league elbow or tennis elbow. It's not just the elbow that can be hurt either. The shoulder is vulnerable to over use as well. So what is there that we can do to prevent such injuries like these? Well, since most of the injuries are caused by overuse, having a pitch count can help.

Also, getting on a throwing program and workout program will help build muscle that will protect the arm from such breakdown. Although these programs will build strength in the arm, a pitch count is still needed.

For those who don't know how to count pitches, it is usually a count of the number of game thrown pitches. This is different from regular pitches because in a game the pitchers have a tendency to use max effort on their throws. (See pitching charts for more information on how to keep track of this.)

The older the pitcher is, the more pitches he should be allowed to throw. When the kids are young and still pre highschool, a weekly count should definitely be kept.

To read more about how many pitches per game and how many pitches per week different age groups should throw please check out the pitch count article. There you can also find the amount of rest a pitcher needs in between each outing.

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