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Baseball Pitching Drills - The Net Pitching Drill

Here's another great pitching drill to add to your baseball pitching drills arsenal. I call it The Net Pitching Drill.

You can call this pitching drill whatever you want. I just called it the Net Pitching Drill because I was using a net. But you can also use a wall or anything else that you can put behind the pitcher when he is pitching or throwing.

How this pitching drill works is, you want to put something, in this case a net, about 6 inches behind the pitchers back shoulder when he is set on the rubber. The pitcher should go through his delivery and not hit the net or whatever else you have back there.

There are two reasons why the pitcher should not hit the net in this pitching drill and is actually why we are performing this pitching drill.

1) The pitchers hands should break AFTER the pitcher starts moving down the mound. If the pitchers hands break too early, there is a good chance that they will hit the net in this pitching drill.

2) The pitcher should break his hands and have an arm path on an angle and not straight back and forth toward the target. If the pitcher goes straight back with his arm, he will be sure to hit the net in this pitching drill. If the pitcher's arm goes back at the correct angle, he will be no where near the net when he is throwing the baseball in this pitching drill.

Watch the video below where I describe and demonstrate The Net Pitching Drill, one of many great baseball pitching drills you can find here on the site.

So, what do you think about this pitching drill? Do you like The Net Pitching Drill? Are you going to use this pitching drill to work on the timing of your hand separation and arm path angle?

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