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Pitching to Different Types of Hitters

When it comes to pitching to different types of hitters, we could talk for hours. We could look at every example ever and come up with different scenerios and situations where different style pitchers face different style hitters and come up with various pitch sequences.

So, the only way to really answer this question, "how to pitch to different types of hitters", I'm going to have to use a more broad answer, but at the same time, I think this answer will work for all pitchers because it deals a lot with the mental approach of pitching.

Watch this video where I answer how to pitch to different types of hitters and talk about pitch sequence, pitching inside, and having pitches that have movement in to the batter.

So, what do you think about pitching to different types or styles of hitters? Do you have an idea of a good pitch sequence that you can throw to different type batters? How about pitching inside, what do you think about pitching inside to keep hitters honest? And lastly, do you agree that having a pitch that moves into a hitter's hands is a very effective pitch?

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