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Perfecting The Fist Pump

Perfecting The Fist Pump

Disclaimer: Showing up your opponent is something I would never do or condone. Please use fist pumps at your own risk and realize that they may come with some physical retaliation. They should only be used in friendly games where you wish to demoralize your opponents because they deserve it. With that being said, let's move on to perfecting the fist pump!

Fist Pumps can be used in many occassions like rolling a double play, a caught stealing, a play at the plate, but my favorite is the strike out. One on one, mano y mano! Here are some fist pumps you can use when you dominate the competition.

Tiger Tiger Woods: The Tiger Woods Fist Pump is a powerful thrust with the right fist starting at the waist. To accomplish this fist pump with maximum authority, accelerate the fist upward to about eye level while lifting the left leg (as if you were Captain Morgan) and squeezing your entire body until the veins are visible in your neck. This is a powerful statement and should only be made when you absolutely loose your mind!

The Rocky Balboa: To perform the Rocky Balboa Fist Pump you must invision yourself in a freezer punching raw meat. Use a close held upper cut motion with both arms to create the maximum effect. Don't forget to roll out after about 4 or 5 punches like Apollo taught Mr. Balboa in Rocky 3 and only attempt this fist pump when you are feeling like a real Italian Stallion!

The Lawn Mower: This one is self explanatory. It's like a reverse fist pump. Just act like you are trying to start a lawn mow