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Games That Pitchers Play

Games That Pitchers Play

There is a lot of down time in baseball. Although you should always be prepared for the game, there may be some time to have some fun. Pitchers have mastered the creation of games to kill time.

Here are some games that pitchers play during down time to keep them moving and warm.

2 Ball – There are two versions of this game:

1) The pitchers circle up with one person holding two baseballs. That pitcher throws both baseballs with one hand at another pitcher higher than his knees and no further apart than 3 feet. This pitcher’s job is to catch both of the baseballs. If he catches both of the baseballs one in each hand then he is ok. If he misses one or both of the baseballs he gets a knock (which is bad because 4 knocks and you’re out). If he catches both baseballs in one hand, the person who threw the baseballs is out no matter how many knocks he has. Knocks are usually kept by turning the hat. To the right is 1, to the back is 2, left is 3, and you’re out on 4.

2) Another version of this game is when the pitchers circle up and instead of throwing both baseballs to one guy, you throw one to one person and one to another. You cannot throw the baseballs to your neighbors until there are 4 players or less. Once you catch a baseball you have to get rid of it right away. If you drop a ball when it comes into you, don’t worry you still have time to grab it and get rid of it before they throw the next baseball at you or to your spot. If that happens, then you get a knock. Four knocks and you’re out. When it gets down to 2 players left the same idea is used. The baseballs need to be thrown above the knees.

Name Game – The hint game is a very fun game. It requires 4 players. Two people will team up and sit apart from each other. You will be broken up into two groups, one team member on each side. One person will give the other person a name of a famous person. Then the person who knows the answer will give his teammate a one word hint to see if he can guess who it is. If they don’t get the answer then it is back to who picked the person. He gives his teammate a one word hint with a chance to answer. It goes back and forth like that until someone guesses who it is. Whatever team guesses it gets a point. The person who gives the name at first switches to the other side so now the other two are guessing who it is. Hints shouldn’t include any part of the name, said with expression, or accent. If you guess the person on the first try you get two points. The team with the most points wins.

Hat Game – Ok. I can play the hat game, hat game, hat game. I can play the hat game, can you? This is a stupid game to play but it is fun to mess with your teammates. The way it works is you have to say ok before you say anything or do anything with your hat. If you say ok before you go on your schpeal, then you know how to play the hat game. You will get everyone aggrevated and trying to figure out how to play.

Snaps – Snaps is another game you can use to mess with teammates. It is played by saying a few phrases, snapping in between these phrases, and then coming up with an answer. The way it is played is that the beginning of each phrase you take the first letter. Then snaps are vowels. If a person snaps twice it represents an E. The snaps represent the vowels respectively (A-1,E-2,I-3,O-4,U-5). By decoding the phrases and snaps this way you will be able to get the answer.

Travel Game – The travel game is just like snaps. Instead of snaps you use days. How it works is the person who is trying to give the answers to the people who know the game will give them a team name. What I mean by a team name is JETS or NUGGETS. These will represent the answer of where you are going. JETS would be New York and NUGGETS would be Denver, etc. To spell out the team name you would use the phrases like in snaps but not the first letter of the phrase, but the first letter of the town. For example if I wanted to tell someone to go to San Diego I might say: First I go to Portland (P), stayed one day (A), then went to Detroit (D). Then I flew to Reno (R), stayed two days (E), and ended up in Stockton (S). Where am I going next? As you can see I spelled out PADRES. So when I ask where am I going next, the people who know the game can answer San Diego because they know that the Padres are in San Diego.

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