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Interview - 60 yard dash expert Andre Williams

Andre Williams is the "go to" trainer when it comes to the 60 yard dash in baseball. Andre was a football defensive back and an outfielder on a scholarship in college who was able to clock a 6.4 on his 60 yard dash.

After college Andre turned to training athletes for sports specific speed and agility training. He took his knowledge of speed training and implemented it into his students to get faster on their 60 yard dash times. He now teaches his 60 yard dash students (and other athletes) at Core Speed Training in Orlando FL. Andre has had many young baseball players not only decrease their 60 yard dash times, but also get college scholarships and sign pro contracts.

Andre Williams currently trains some of baseball's fastest athletes (according to their 60 yard dash times) including Rickie Weeks, Jamile Weeks, Dee Gordon, John Madden (that's me, just kidding, I don't run a fast 60 yard dash), and even used to train Barry Larkin and Ken Griffey Jr. All those guys have a pretty good 60 yard dash time wouldn't you say?

I got to sit down and talk with Andre about the 60 yard dash and his new e-book called Faster 60 Yard Dash. Check out this indterview that I did with Mr. Andre Williams about getting faster in the 60 yard dash and let me know what you think...

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