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Increase Your Velocity

Increase Your Velocity

There are a few things that you need to remember when trying to increase the velocity on your fastball. To get the radar gun to read the mphs that you want to see you must work hard on conditioning your arm. It will not come by trying to over throw the baseball on days you feel good. In fact, that is how you will hurt your arm and ruin your chances to ever get to where you want to be.

The first thing you must remember when trying to increase velocity is to stay behind the baseball. This means that you must keep your fingers behind the baseball at the release point.

Conditioning is the next thing you must work on to increase velocity. Long toss for conditioning your arm is very important and will help tremendously.

Conditioning your legs is also a good way to gain velocity. If you have strong legs you will be making the job easier on your arm therefore you may be able to increase velocity.

Also conditioning of the hips and core. If you have a strong and stable core you will be able to create more power and thus increasing your velocity.

Conditioning all three of these will give you the best chance to make increases on the velocity of your fastball.

Strength training can also help you increase velocity on your fastball. Some coaches and pitchers don't like to use strength training because it will make the pitcher too tight and they will actually lose velocity. This is true, but the right amount of strength training will actually help. Not only could it help increase your velocity but with enough stretching it can prevent injury and help you pitch deeper into games.

Having a consistent delivery can also help you increase velocity and gain a few mphs. Not all pitchers have the same mechanics but the ones who do well are the ones with consistent deliveries. This will help you increase velocity because if you have a consistent delivery your body will be familiar with what you are trying to do and therefore make it easier. Not only will you increase velocity but also control because your body knows where it wants to throw the ball if you do the same thing every time. Some things that you can do to be more consistent are work on a lot of drills. (see drills)

Doing rotator cuff work is another big idea that will help with velocity on the fastball. There are many drills and conditioning that you can do for the rotater cuff. You should use very light weight or bands to go throw the rotater cuff exercises. (see rotator cuff program) This will help you gain velocity and prevent injury.

Utilizing the wrist is another great way to help increase velocity with the fastball. The wrist is a lever in the pitching motion. By maximizing the wrist action and using the fingers to stay on top of the baseball you can add some velocity.

You can also do some wrist exercises in the gym to help with the wrist extension and snap that you will need to put on the baseball to gain velocity. The force that you can get from the wrist does not only help with velocity but some coaches believe that proper wrist movement can help a pitcher's control and command of pitches.

Check out Pitching 365 for more in depth information and exercises on how to increase your velocity!!

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