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How To Treat, Cure, and Prevent A Finger Blister


How To Treat, Cure, and Prevent A Finger Blister – Baseball Pitchers Baseball players (mostly pitchers) often get blisters on the fingers of their throwing hand. These finger blisters that pitchers get are caused by the repeat friction that the finger incurs when throwing a baseball.

There are many theories, remedies, and superstitions on how to treat, cure, and prevent the finger blisters that pitchers get from throwing the baseball.

Here are some ways to treat, cure, and prevent a finger blister for baseball pitchers:

Pickle Juice – Nolan Ryan used to soak his finger in pickle juice between starts to prevent and heal any finger blisters that he had or felt coming on. This has been one of the most common answers to how to treat, cure, and prevent a finger blister and is now one of the old baseball remedies for finger blisters.

Super Glue – Using super glue is a way of pitching with a finger blister. It really doesn’t do much in preventing or curing a finger blister, but if a blister is still present on the day you have to pitch, super glue provides a protective layer that may prevent the blister from getting worse.

Antiperspirant – A lot of pitchers will use antiperspirant with aluminum chlorohydrate as an active ingredient to prevent and treat finger blisters. The aluminum chlorohydrate is rumored to toughen the skin, which will prevent and help heal finger blisters.

Stan’s Rodeo Ointment – Created by L.A. Dodger head trainer, Stan Johnston, Stan’s Rodeo Ointment is catching on as a way of curing and preventing finger blisters of pitchers.

Rice Bucket – Using the same rice bucket that you do your forearm exercises in, you can swirl your fingers around to get the skin stronger. You may want to do this before the season, seeing as this can at first make the finger tips tender. The toughness will come after many days of repetition.

Finger Nail Maintenance – A lot of the time a blister will be formed because a finger nail was broken and now the friction is on a different spot when releasing the baseball. You can prevent this by clipping your finger nails regularly. Remember not to cut them too short because this can cause blisters as well.

Peppermint Toothpaste – This can be used as a form of pain relief. If you have a finger blister that is causing you some pain, put a little peppermint toothpaste on it. The peppermint will cool down the skin and provide relief, while the fluoride is believed to act as a healing agent.

Pee on Your Fingers – An old wive’s tale that is supposed to prevent blisters. Let me know how this one works out for you guys!

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