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How To Relace or Restring Your Baseball Glove

How to Re-lace or Re-string your baseball glove - originally posted to on 3/24/10 - If you take care of your baseball glove you will have it for a long time. One of the best things you can do to your glove every other year or so is to relace the entire glove. This will not only ensure that you will have new, strong, durable laces in there, but it will also make the glove feel just like new.

I made a couple of videos on how to relace / restring the various sections of a baseball glove like the palm, the heel, the web, the fingers, etc. I want to show you those videos, but first I promised that I would leave some links to where I got all the supplies I used to relace my glove.

1) Baseball Glove Relace Kit -

2) Lace -

3) Glove Conditioner -

4) More detailed instructions -

5) Have me relace your glove for you (get a quote) -