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How To Make A Deeper Pocket In Your Glove

How To Make A Deeper Pocket In Your Baseball Glove

When it comes to making a deeper pocket in your baseball glove there is one simple adjustment that can help. To make your pocket deeper you can simply put two of your fingers (pinky and ring) into the pinky slot of your baseball glove. Slide the rest of your fingers one slot down so that the slot where your pointer finger usually goes is empty.

This creates a deeper pocket in your baseball glove for two reasons. The first is because the pointer finger is over one spot, there is a bigger area between the thumb and the pointer. This makes more room for the baseball.

The other reason is because with two fingers in the pinky slot, it is easier to close the baseball glove directly to the thumb. Closing the glove touching the pinky and thumb together creates a deeper pocket because there is less overlapping fingers and more area in the web.

It will feel weird when you first try wearing your baseball glove like this, but you will soon come to love it. Having a deeper pocket is good for catching the baseball and really good for outfielders catching fly balls. Give it a week or two of practice to get used to it.

Here is a video if you were unable to visualize how to align your fingers to make a deeper pocket in your baseball glove.

Link To The Glove I'm Wearing: My Glove

Link To The Mallet to make a deeper pocket: My Mallet