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How To Make A Baseball Seam Bracelet or Necklace

How To Make A Baseball Seam Bracelet or Necklace

To make a baseball seam bracelet or necklace (the bracelets and necklaces that you see made from the laces of a baseball) you will need a few things:

A Baseball

A Razor


Bowl of water

Clasps and/or a safety pin

That's all you need to make a baseball seam bracelet or necklace. Now here's the steps to follow when making your baseball seam bracelet or necklace. Note: if you are making a necklace, you may need two some extra string if you want a longer necklace.

1) Cut around one side of the laces of the baseball with the razor blade. Be careful not to cut your fingers off and more importantly, don't cut so close you cut the laces or the holes they go in to.

2) Cut around the other side of the laces and peel what is left away from the baseball.

3) Take the scissors and clean up the areas that you cut too far away from the laces. You want to be as close to the laces as possible, without cutting into their holes.

4) Cut the laces where your heart desires so that they become one squigly piece of laces.

5) Remove what is left from behind the laces.

6) Soak the laces in water for at least 1 hour.

7) When you take the laces out of the water, stretch them until they become straight. Let it dry while it is held straight.

8) Wrap the laces around your wrist/ankle/neck to see the length you will need. Cut the laces to fit. For a necklace you may need to add some string and not cut any lace.

9) If you're using clasps, tie the ends of the laces to the holes of the clasps and