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How To Grip and Throw A Cutter

How To Grip and Throw A Cutter

How To Throw a Cutter - A cutter is a very hard pitch to master. The cutter if thrown properly will cut away from your arm side. The cutter will most likely stay on its plane dropping only a little if any at all. It will look almost as if the baseball is on a slipery track just sliding with a curve. It looks this way because it comes out of the hand straight and moves without any seam rotation to help it (like the slider and curveball).

There are many ways to grip a cutter but here is one of the most used ways. Grip the Cutter across the main logo with your pointer and middle finger on the seams split slightly apart. The thumb should go comfortly under the baseball with a very loose grip. The middle finger should be slightly higher on the lace than the pointer for the sole reason that the middle finger is longer. We will use this to make the pitch move.

The baseball should be thrown straight with the fingers directly on top of the