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How to get more tail on your 2 seam

How to get more tail on your 2 seam fastball 

If you are looking to get more tail on your 2 seam fastball, there are a few things you must look at.

1)  Wrist Angle - guys who pronate their wrist tend to get more tail on their 2 seam fastballs.  Pronating of the wrist is when the pointer finger is leading the other fingers at the release point.  If you don't have natural pronation of the wrist, try turning it over by leading with your pointer finger.

2)  Arm Angle - guys who throw from a higher arm slot tend to get more tail on their 2 seam fastballs.  Guys who throw from a lower arm slot tend to get more sink on their 2 seam fastballs.  The reason the higher arm slots get more side to side movement (or arm side tail) is because it is easier to get on the side of the baseball with the wrist and fingers.  Lower arm slots tend to get on top of the baseball which creates the sink.

3)  Grip - pitchers who throw their 2 seam fastball with their pointer and middle finger close together will have more tail then pitchers who throw it with them spread.  The reason the you will get more tail on your 2 seam from this is because you will be able to put more rotation on one side of the baseball, instead of putting equal pressure on both sides.

4)  Rotation - the rotation of the baseball depends on your arm speed and angle at which you release the baseball.  The faster your arm speed is, the more revolutions you will get on the baseball, and the more tail you will have on your 2 seam fastball.

Focus on these few tips next time you are throwing your 2 seam fastball and see if you can't get more tail on it.

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