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How to get more movement on your pitches

How to get more movement on your pitches

A pitcher's job is to disrupt timing and balance in hitters. To do this they will need to change speeds with their pitches and change eye levels. Some pitchers do this by trying to add movement to the baseball.

There are 3 main things that can add movement to a pitch.

Grip - By getting different grips on the baseball a pitcher can throw different pitches that do different things and move different ways. It is not as simple as just holding the baseball a certain way, it must be thrown how that pitch is supposed to be thrown to work. Because there are so many different pitches that a pitcher can learn to throw, he must decide which one would work best for him and which ones he feels best throwing. A pitcher should not try to throw every pitch invented, instead he should pick a couple of pitches that he likes and try to perfect them.

Arm angle - Although arm angle should not be changed in between pitches, certain arm angles can add movement to certain pitches. If a pitcher is trying to find out his best arm slot or arm angle he must take into consideration the movement he will be getting from the arm angles that he is trying. Even though most coaches teach to not change arm angles from pitch to pitch, a slight change here and there could help get some extra movement on a baseball that you need to get a big hitter out.

Arm speed - This is another thing that you are not supposed to change as a pitcher. You want every pitch to have the same arm speed and let the grip do the work for the pitch. Here's the exception: if you can take off just a little bit of arm speed but still make the pitch look the same. Arm speed can help with movement alot because if you take some speed off the ball, gravity will take over earlier than it would have and the ball will tend to sink.

All three of these things can add movement to a baseball. A pitcher must not jeapordize his control for movement however but if he can control these things to give him more movement and throw the ball where he wants to, then he will be a great pitcher.

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