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How To get a Better Grip in Baseball

Having a good grip in baseball is essential. Hitter's need to be able to grip the bat well when they swing, just as pitcher's need to have a good grip on the baseball when pitching.

For hitting, they make pine tar, which is a sticky substance that helps hitter's grip the bat. But pitchers aren't allowed to use pine tar to get a better grip, although some do anyways.

But what if your grip problem is just a by product of your sweat problem? Meaning, you can't get a good grip when hitting or pitching because the sweat from your arms is dripping down into your hands.

Well, I've got a little grip trick for you guys to help. All you need to do is get some spray antiperspirant and spray it on your forearms. Make sure it is antiperspirant and not deodorant, because antiperspirant stops your from sweating while deodorant just helps you not to smell so bad.

So, by spraying antiperspirant on your forearms, you will stop yourself from profusely sweating and dripping down into your hands, thus giving you a better grip for hitting or pitching.

Watch this video on how to get a better grip in baseball and check out the antiperspirant and application process.

So, what do you think about using antiperspirant to get a better grip in baseball? How do yo