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How to cure the Yips - The Baseball Throwing Problem

How to cure the Yips, the baseball throwing problem

Everyone has gone through a bout of the Yips in their baseball career and if you haven’t, trust me, you will! Some Yips just last longer than others.

There was a guy on one of my teams who had the Yips for about a week straight and couldn’t throw the baseball for anything. He was a pitcher and would throw the baseball 10 feet in front of the catcher or 10 feet over his head. The Yips affected his throwing so much that he quit baseball (and he was on a college scholarship).

Not all cases of the Yips are so severe. My case of the Yips only lasted a few days and wasn’t quite as bad as my teammate’s. However, it did affect me greatly because we had an important series coming up that week and the more I thought about it, it seemed the worse my throwing problem, the yips, became.

The Yips throwing problem does not only affect older baseball players, in fact, there have been cases of the Yips from little league all the way to the Major Leagues. Some of the greatest pitchers ever have been through a case of the Yips and still went on to pitch in the Major Leagues.