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How To Clean Your Aluminum Baseball Bat

How To Clean Your Aluminum Baseball Bat

The best way to clean your aluminum baseball bat is with a Magic Eraser.  The micro fibers in the Magic Eraser will take off all of your aluminum bats scuffs and marks.

Just put a little water on your aluminum bat, or on the Magic Eraser, and get to scrubing.  You will be suprised at how easy the marks come off of your aluminum baseball bat.

If you don't want to spend the money on the Magic Eraser, they have some knock off versions.  The one I used in the video, "the poor man's Magic Eraser", was called a Multi Purpose Eraser.  It's the same thing and will clean your aluminum bat just as good.

Take care of your aluminum bats.  Instead of hitting in the cage with your aluminum bat, try a good quality wood bat.  Not only will you save the pop in your aluminum bat, but you won't have to clean it as much either.  Try a Kissimmee Sticks wood baseball bat.