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At what age should a pitcher throw the curveball - How old?

At what age should a pitcher start learning to throw a curveball? How old should a pitcher be before he starts throwing the curve?

Most of the blogs and forums out there seem to think a good age to start throwing a curveball is 15 – 16 years old. However, there are also some out there that believe it is ok for a 12 year old to start learning and throwing the curveball.

I am a on the fence with this issue of having an exact age, but I do want to share my view on starting to throw the curveball at the earlier end of this age spectrum. Of course, I want to share my personal experience with learning the curveball as well. I don’t like that there is a specific age for throwing a curveball. I started throwing the curveball my first year on the “big bases” which happened to be at age 13. I wouldn’t recommend learning to throw the curveball before this because 60’6” is where you will be throwing your curveball for the rest of your baseball career. Why learn to throw it at a shorter distance?

With that being said, I was a lot bigger than the other kids my age. At 13 years old, I was 6