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Determining a Starting Pitcher's Warm Up Routine

All great pitchers have a routine! They have a weekly routine, a daily routine, a post game routine, and a pre-game routine.

This article is to help you determine your pre-game routine, how to structure it, and how long it will take you to get ready before a game.

Since we (assuming “we” are starting pitchers) are on a strict schedule, meaning the game must start on time, we do not determine when the game starts, we must know how long everything we do in our warm up takes.

So, what I make my guys do is a few things when finding their pre-game warm up routine.

First, when determining a pitcher’s pre-game warm up routine, we make sure we have a stop watch available.

Here’s an example of a form I use to see how long a pitcher takes to warm up.


Length of Time to do Activity    

Length of Rest between Activities    

# of throws
Dynamic Warm Up     5 mins 36 secs 35 secs n/a
Static Stretching 5 mins 22 secs 22 secs n/a
Bands (shoulder) 3 mins 52 secs 1 min 18 secs n/a
Short Toss 2 mins 09 secs 0 22
Long Toss 2 mins 37 secs 1 min 29 secs 15
Bullpen 2 mins 52 secs 3 mins 30 secs 23

Remember, you have 8 pitches out on the field before you pitch to a batter.

So, now we know exactly when to start warming up before a game we are starting. So let’s add the numbers up in the example:

It comes out to 29 mins 42 seconds.

So now we know that we have to be out on the field at least 30 mins prior to game time. I would suggest getting out there 5 mins early so that you can take your time before you get started.

During your warm up routine, keep the stop watch by you, and keep your chart by you so you can make sure you are on time.

The more consistent you can be with your warm up, the more consistent you will be in the first inning.

Of course, people change, situations change, and so will your warm up routine. For example, what if it is a really cold day/night? It’s probably going to take you a little bit longer.

What if you are a little bit sore from your last workout or bullpen? It may take you a little bit longer to get ready.

So keep these things in mind and don’t restrict yourself too much to your routine, but try to stay consistent with it.

I hope this helps!

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