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Determining a Starting Pitcher's Warm Up Routine

All great pitchers have a routine! They have a weekly routine, a daily routine, a post game routine, and a pre-game routine.

This article is to help you determine your pre-game routine, how to structure it, and how long it will take you to get ready before a game.

Since we (assuming “we” are starting pitchers) are on a strict schedule, meaning the game must start on time, we do not determine when the game starts, we must know how long everything we do in our warm up takes.

So, what I make my guys do is a few things when finding their pre-game warm up routine.

First, when determining a pitcher’s pre-game warm up routine, we make sure we have a stop watch available.

Here’s an example of a form I use to see how long a pitcher takes to warm up.


Length of Time to do Activity    

Length of Rest between Activities    

# of throws
Dynamic Warm Up     5 mins 36 secs 35 secs n/a
Static Stretching 5 mins 22 secs 22 secs n/a
Bands (shoulder) 3 mins 52 secs 1 min 18 secs n/a
Short Toss 2 mins 09 secs 0 22
Long Toss