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Best Baseball Videos

Here are some of my best baseball videos from YouTube. In no particular order (except the first one), I present to you, my baseball videos!

Baseball Video #1 - What type of player do you want to be?
I put this baseball video first because I feel that it is most important. So, please, take a second and ask yourself, "what type of player do I want to be?".

Baseball Video #2 - What is the best swing plane for baseball?

This is probably one of my most popular baseball videos and it explains my ideas on swing plane in the baseball swing.

Baseball Video #3 - Dr. Tom Hanson Interview

This baseball video is a MUST SEE for all baseball players and parents! Nuff said.

Baseball Video #4 - Actual Velocity vs Perceived Velocity

In this baseball video I talk about a few factors that effect the actual velocity vs perceived velocity of a pitcher. It's a good one!

Baseball Video #5 - Mini Ball One Eye Training with Dee Gordon

In this baseball video it shows me throwing mini balls to MLB infielder Dee Gordon with one eye closed. We did this drill to help him get ready for his season.

Baseball Video #6 - Pitching Drills for Accuracy

This is one of my favorite baseball videos. Let's see what you think about it!

Baseball Video #7 - 25 things Josh Donaldson taught me about hitting

Here's a baseball video that I made after talking some hitting with MLB 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson.

Baseball Video #8 - Pitching and Hitting Energies

In this baseball video I talk about the two different types of energy in both hitting and pitching and how to leverage each type of energy in both movements.

Baseball Video #9 - 4 tips on how to hit a curveball

You'll like this baseball video on how to hit a curveball…especially tip #4.

Baseball Video #10 - The 11 Major Misconceptions of Hitting

Self explanatory…watch the video!

Baseball Video #11 - The 11 Major Misconceptions of Pitching

Here is the Pitching version of this baseball video.

Baseball Video #12 - Catch and Crush Hitting Drill

In this baseball video I demonstrate a top hand hitting drill that works great for young hitters who have trouble keeping their upper body closed.

Baseball Video #13 - Infield Drill with Short Hops

In this baseball video I set up my pitching machine to throw me short hops and fielded them in different positions with different training gloves.

Baseball Video #14 - Catcher's footwork on throw downs

Here is a baseball video where I talk about the footwork (and some other stuff) for catching.

Baseball Video #15 - 2 strike hitting trick

Here's a two strike hitting trick that you can use when you are behind in the count and hitting with two strikes.

Baseball Video #16 - The perfect release point in Pitching

In this baseball video I talk about, and show, the perfect release point for pitchers and how it looks with different guys.

Baseball Video #17 - Arm path at hand separation

All pitchers should watch this baseball video about the arm path after hand separation!