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Best Baseball Drills

I get asked about my favorite baseball drills all the time. Whether it be to fix a certain problem with pitching, hitting, catching, etc, or to use for stations during practice. No matter what the case, there are some really great baseball drills out there and if performed correctly can make a big difference in developing a player.

So, this page is pretty much a compilation of my favorite baseball drills. It includes hitting drills, pitching drills, catching drills, infield drills, and other types of baseball drills. I have included videos of each drill being performed and explain how each one works. Please feel free to use some of these baseball drills in your next practice and let me know how they work for you.

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Baseball Drills

#1 - Single Eye Infield Drill

In this single eye fielding drill check out MLB shortstop Dee Gordon putting in some work catching the mini wiffle balls. He starts with both eyes open, then closes one eye, and then closes the other eye to work each individual eye. This single eye infield drill is great for players of all ages and you can even use a Web Glove when performing this drill.

#2 - Receiving with Soft Hands Catching Drill

Check out MLB Catcher Omir Santos in this Catching Drill. For this drill you will need a tennis raquet and some raquet balls. The catcher should wear a padded batting glove like the Team Defender and try to receive the balls with soft hands.

#3 - The Net or Wall Drill for Pitching

In this pitching drill the pitcher will need a wall or net behind him. All the pitcher wants to focus on is the timing of his hand separation, the path that his arms take, and then driving down the mound. If he does this pitching drill correctly, he will not hit the net or wall with his throwing hand.

#4 - Basketball Hitting Drill

In the basketball hitting drill all you will need is an old basketball or soccer ball, a plunger, and a tee that can hold your plunger. Put the plunger into the tee so that it can hold the basketball while performing this hitting drill. This drill will make you focus on getting through the ball when hitting because if you don't you will feel a recoil in your hands, wrists, and arms.

#5 - Square Agility Fielding Drill

In this fielding drill you will need four cones and set them up in a square about 5 yards apart. Start by fielding a ball to one side. Then run, shuffle, back pedal, shuffle, and cut diagonal to field the slow roller around the last cone. This is a great infield drill for agility.

#6 - Barry Larkin Hitting Drill

In this hitting drill that I stole from Barry Larkin, what you want to do is set up a tee on the outside part of the plate. Your partner will toss inside pitches to you and you will hit them to your pull side or up the middle. Every once in a while, your partner should fake a throw. In this scenario, you should hit the outside pitch that's on the tee to the opposite field. You only get one stride so you better make sure you are staying closed or it will be hard to hit that outside pitch.

#7 - Broomstick Pitching Drill

For the broomstick pitching drill you will obviously need a broomstick and someone to hold it for you. This pitching drill is best used for working on curveballs or sliders. You want the holder of the broomstick to be on the pitchers glove side out in front. The objective of this drill is to take your curveball and get it over the broomstick and then follow the path of the broom stick down. This drill is great for any pitcher who drops their elbow when throwing breaking pitches.

#8 - Quick Feet Catching Drill

This catching drill is a great agility and conditioning that a catcher can use to speed up his footwork. Starting in a catching stance the catcher will quickly move from parallel to perpendicular in 4 short and quick hops and finish with a block. See the video for a better description.

#9 - Pancake Glove Drills

I am a big fan of the Pancake Glove. Here are some of my favorite drills that you can do with your Pancake Glove. These are great for infielders!

#10 - Short Hop Infield Drill

Being able to handle a short hop is a must as an infielder so this fielding drill is a great one. You can either set a pitching machine up to throw you short hops or get a partner to throw them to you. I really like using infield training gloves like the Eagle 8, The 4 Finger KK, and the Pancake Glove.

#11 - My 2 Favorite Pitching Drills

Here's a video of my two favorite pitching drills. The first drill is the Wall Drill and the second drill is the Rocker Drill. These are both awesome pitching drills and I recommend every pitcher use these. Watch the video below for an explanation on how to perform these pitching drills.

#12 - Jose Lobaton Hitting Drill

Check out MLB catcher Jose Lobaton as he performs the hitting drill that he taught me where he is hitting low and slow pitches for line drives. This drill is great for anyone who chases bad pitches often or who just need to work on driving that 0-2 pitch that they get caught whiffing at sometimes.

#13 - Key West Hitting Drill

This hitting drill is great for working on all the little muscles throughout a baseball swing. The water provides the resistance and it really makes the hitter feel how important ground force is in a baseball swing. Make sure you can swim if you are going to attempt this hitting drill.

#14 - Single Eye Catching Drill

This single eye catching drill is very much like the single eye infield drill except the catcher will be in his catching stance. You want to do this drill by starting with both eyes open, then close one eye, then open that eye and close the other. The mini wiffle balls are perfect for this drill and again you can use a Web Glove to perform this catching drill as well.

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