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A Pitcher's Conditioning Program

A Pitcher's Conditioning Program

A pitcher's conditioning program should coincide with their strength and weight room program. A common idea behind conditioning for pitchers is that 3 out of the 7 days you are doing a conditioning (cardio or sport specific work) and 3 out of the 7 days you are working on strength and injury prevention work outs. This leaves one off day per week.

Some ideas for pitcher's training are as follows:

Agility Drills - These are drills that help the pitcher stay agile and athletic. It requires setting up cones and doing various movements around the cones back and forth and side to side.

Long Toss - Long Toss is a great drill that will help condition a pitcher. It will help them go deeper into a game, increase velocity, and help prevent them from injury.

Sprints - Sprinting is great for keeping the pitcher in shape. It is one of the best things a pitcher can do to condition their body. It will also help with the lactic acid in their arm.

Long Distance Running - This is great for pitchers to do to gain endurance. They will be able to pitch deeper into games and maintain velocity longer. It is also great for getting out the lactic acid in their arm. Eve