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Pitching With Pain

Pitching With Pain

When should a pitcher throw through pain and when should he decide to shut it down? To know the answer to the question a pitcher has to learn what is normal pain and what isn't. This only happens through experience.

Each pitcher will have to learn the difference of pain vs. soreness. This takes years of trying to understand your own body. The first time a pitcher feels sore or stiff they may think something is wrong. Once they have made the decision to throw through it and realize everything is ok, then they can identify that feeling as soreness or stiffness. This is the process they have to do everytime they feel something wrong or different with their body.

Having a close relationship with your trainer is a good way to help make decisions on whether or not to pitch through something or to shut it down. Once a pitcher understands his body and what is pain and what is soreness, he will then be able to stop throwing when he should. This will make the chance for serious injury alot less because the pitcher was able to catch it before it got too bad.

Once a pitcher decides to shut it down, he should get with his trainer to talk about a rehab program. A rehabilitation program will help get the pitcher back to the shape that he was in before he started feeling this pain.

Here is why you need to be open and honest with coaches, trainers, and yourself when it comes to a pitching injury: Let's say you feel some pain or soreness or something that just doesn't feel right to you. You might want to first try to see if you can throw through the problem. Now if you complain to coaches and trainers and the doctors don't find anything wrong, well then you worry about being called soft and not a tough pitcher. But now what if you don't say anything to coaches and trainers and the problem gets worse? Now the coaches and trainers are going to get mad at you because you did not come to them sooner.

The bottom line is that you have to be honest with yourself, coaches, and trainers. Hopefully they will do the same with you. This is such a hard decision to make soley because it is normal to feel like crap after pitching. Now your job is to figure out if it is really bad or if you are able to pitch again without it getting any worse.

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