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Pitching Strategies

Pitching Strategies

There are many different strategies that pitchers use to get hitters out. The main thing a pitcher must know is the type of batter he is facing. Is the batter a power hitter, contact guy, strike out alot, or walk alot?

Also does he have a slow bat, quick hands, hit a fastball, hit off speed? There are a million of questions that a pitcher must ask himself to figure out the strategy he is going to use to get the batters out.

Will he bunt, swing at the first pitch, guess on pitches? There are endless questions you can ask yourself to give you an idea on how to get any given batter out. Once you figure out an idea on how to attack a batter you are not done there. You then have to do it. This means that if you execute every pitch exactly how you wanted to you may still not get the batter out. Chances are good that you do, but baseball is a crazy game.

You also have to remember that your strategy may have to change during an at bat. If you miss a spot with one of your pitches or the batter makes an adjustment. Just because you had a strategy doesn't mean you can't change it.

If you've ever seen "For Love of the Game", you'll know what I'm talking about. When Chapel is in the 8th or 9th inning and he's pitching to his friend. He had a strategy of throwing all fastballs but because his friend knew that and he knew that he decided to break off another curveball to trick him. Unfortunatly we will not be able to trick every hitter, but we will be able to keep them guessing.

Another thing a pitcher must remember when performing their strategy on getting a hitter out is that each pitch sets up another one. If you have a hi