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Pitcher's Long Toss Program

Pitcher's Long Toss Program

Long Toss Programs are very important in the conditioning of a pitchers arm. A good program can get any pitcher ready for the season strength wise and can even add a few mph at the same time. All long toss programs have the same fundamentals.

1) Crow hop from the stretch position.

2) Keep the baseball on a line.

3) No uphill throwing.

What you are looking for in a long toss program is to have enough quality throws that you can keep track of. That's where having a long toss program to follow is good. If there is a set number of throws for you to throw at certain distances, all you have to do is make sure you are making quality throws with consistent mechanics.

The long toss program I promote offers flexible amounts of throwing so that you can listen to your arm and make sure you do it the right way and not hurt anything. The long toss program I have on this website is the same program that major leaguers use to strenghten their arms.

They have the same objectives as you should have.

1) Increase endurance.

2) Improve arm strength.

3) Improve concentration.

4) Improve focus.

5) Consistent arm slot.

6) Consistent release point.

7) Throw to a target.

It is a very simple idea that works if you follow the long toss program that I provide. The long toss program includes a full warm up, stretch, throwing program (long toss), and everything you must do afterwards. For more information on my long toss program check out Pitching 365

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