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Pitching Like A Professional

Pitching Like A Professional

Pitching like a professional is what we all want to try to achieve. Believe it or not there is not a big difference between college pitchers and professional pitchers. The main difference is consistency.

Professional pitchers do what they do consistently. They have more consistent mechanics, perform more consistently under pressure, and are more consistent fielding their position. They don't have much better stuff then most pitchers. Of course there are your exceptions. But other than that it is just consistency.

Another thing that seperates a professional from amatuers is how they conduct themselves on and off the field. Professional pitchers (for the most part) don't let their emotions get to them. They handle every situation and person with respect and dignity.

There are a lot of reporters, fans, and people who don't even know who they are that hound those guys when they are out in public. They have to watch what they do because everybodies eyes are on them. That means that to conduct yourself like a professional you have to act like everyone is seeing what you are doing. Before you do something think about what your grandmother or mother would have to say if they saw you doing that.

Also acting like a professional means being respectable to everyone. Even if you don't like them. They may be taking time out to talk to you for some reason. Show some respect and treat them nicely.

Most of all, to act like a professional pitcher, you must respect the game of baseball. You shouldn't call out umpires, argue with managers, or do anything unaceptable to your team. Professionals have a lot more to worry about than just baseball.

That is how you should go about conducting yourself. Scouts and coaches will see that and it will go a long way. That is one of the best ways to become a professional. Act like one!

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