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Increase Pitching Control

Increase Pitching Control

To increase control for a pitcher their are many things that you can do. The first and most important factor in making a pitcher more accurate and able to throw to his target is mechanics.

By mechanics I do not mean a certain way that everyone must pitch because I or some other coach said so, but I do mean a consistent pitching delivery. With a consistent delivery a pitcher knows exactly what his body is doing and understands the adjustments he must make to throw a pitch in a certain spot. By being consistent and having your mechanics built into your muscle memory it is easier to throw the ball where you want to. Consistency is the key to control.

Other things that can help a pitcher with control are drills. Drills are the fundamentals that a pitcher repeats over and over again, thus bringing us back to our first point, having a consistent delivery. Drills are a good way to accomplish this consistency.

Another way to develope control as a pitcher is to always being working on it. When a pitcher is warming up before a game or practice he can play a quick game with his throwing partner. Two points if he hits his partner in the head and one point if he hits his partner in the chest area. The game can be played up to any number amount. This is a good game to play to help with control because it is fun and keeps the pitcher working and trying to hit spots.

Throwing bullpens are important because they offer a difference from flat grounds. Although throwing on the flat ground is a good way to get work done, throwing off of the mound is the best thing a pitcher can do. It is a great way to increase control because that will be the exact motion you will be going through in a game when pitching. Even though it is just a slight difference from the flat ground it makes a big difference when you practice it often.

Most professional pitchers throw two bullpens and once in a game every five days. So that means that they are throwing off of the mound more than they are throwing on the flat ground. This means that their bodies are remembering them throwing off of the mound more. This muscle memory along with a consistent delivery are they key to becoming a pitcher that can control the baseball and throw it to any spot he wants to.

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