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Flat Ground - Pitching

Flat Ground - Pitching

Throwing on the flat ground is a requirement for pitchers. Everybody learned how to throw on the flat ground and most of our throwing is done on the flat ground.

Flat ground throwing and long toss are good ways to get the arm in shape during the off season. When you are in season bullpens should take over most of the flat ground work. The only reason for this is because throwing from the bullpen is more game like than flat ground. Although this is true, it is not good to always throw off of the mound. Especially in the off season. Your arm needs some rest from throwing in game like situations.

A good way to get this work done is by throwing a flat ground. This is where your partner goes about 50 - 60 feet away and gets down like a catcher. Of course you have to stretch and warm up first. From there you are going to throw to your partner just like you were throwing a bullpen.

Work on all your pitches in all locations. You should throw from 15 - 30 pitches from here. This is also a good way to work on pitches if there is no mound present.

It is also a good way to get warmed up if you have extra time before your bullpen up on the mound. The main thing to remember is to cut back on flat ground work during the season and do more bullpen work because it will help with the release point more.

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